Precision electromechanical contact assemblies for the automation and electrification of our world

With 60+ years of experience of designing and manufacturing high quality precision engineered components to your exact requirements. P&B supply global OEMs electromechanical contact assemblies for critical applications.

P&B are one the most versatile contact assembly manufacturers, with a global market of over 200 customers across 30 countries and manufacturing sites located conveniently in Asia and Europe. We are confident we have the right contacting solution for your needs.

For more information on our product range or our technical assistance then please contact us with your requirements.

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P&B supply global OEMs with contact assemblies for critical applications

P&B partner with OEMs who are automating and electrifying our world in industrial and domestic applications where high quality and product integrity are critical. Applications where product life cycles can be 20+ years, P&B can provide full support from concept design to end of life management.

Quality guaranteed

P&B exceed all global quality standards, delivering right first time for automated production and component integrity


ISO 9001
IATF 16949

Technical support

Expert advice on design development and materials drives down cost


Limiting environmental impact by reducing power, oil and water usage

Operating in over 30 different countries worldwide