Designing the components you’ll need to change the world

P&B manufactures high quality and reliable components for renewable energy OEM switchgear applications in the wind, solar and hydro-electric markets delivering full product life cycle performance.

Based on our 60-year history as a market leading electrical contact manufacturer, you can be assured that P&B has the superior technical knowledge and know how to assist and support our customers from design concept idea through to bulk production volume.

Our agile manufacturing facilities in UK and Malaysia offer a comprehensive and complete range of all contacting processes enabling P&B to supply components in both low and high volumes.

For support on your product application please contact us and our team of experts who will provide specialist advice .

Quality guaranteed

P&B exceed all global quality standards, delivering right first time for automated production and component integrity


ISO 9001
IATF 16949

Technical support

Expert advice on design development and materials drives down cost


Limiting environmental impact by reducing power, oil and water usage

Operating in over 30 different countries worldwide