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In addition to our extensive range of contacts and tape, P&B manufacture solid and bi-metal rivets. Solid rivets are commonly used in the manufacture of a two-way contact assembly, where as a bi-metal rivet is used to optimise the use of precious metal similar to contact tape. 

P&Bs proprietary manufacturing process allows the joining of highly resistive materials that contain oxides, such as Ag/CdO, Ag/SnO, Ag/ZnO. 

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The in-house manufacture of our contacts gives P&B the control to offer the very best in performance and quality aligned with the applications needs.   

Early engagement with our engineers in the design process allows P&B to support the design for manufacture. Furthermore we offer Value Added Value Engineering (VAVE) solutions throughout the product life cycle to support OEMs in optimising contact assembly design.

To discuss how P&B can help with all your contacting needs, please contact us and our technical experts will provide specialist support.

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P&B have been manufacturing high precision contact assemblies for over 60 years, we partner with global OEMs to provide support from early stage concept design through to end of life management.

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Contact Wire Welded Assemblies
Profile Tape Welded Assemblies feature image
Profile Tape Welded Assemblies
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Automatic Contact Rivet Assemblies
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Resistance Weld In-Lay/Top-Lay Bi-Metal Strip
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Friction Bonding In-lay Bi-metal strip
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Contact Profile Tapes
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Precision Stamped Parts
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Plastic-Metal Over-Mold Assemblies
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P&B exceed all global quality standards, delivering right first time for automated production and component integrity


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Expert advice on design development and materials drives down cost


Limiting environmental impact by reducing power, oil and water usage

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P&B supply global OEMs with contact assemblies for critical applications

P&B partner with OEMs who are automating and electrifying our world in industrial and domestic applications, where high quality and product integrity are critical. Applications where product life cycles can be 20+ years, P&B provide full support from concept design to end of life management.

Operating in over 30 different countries worldwide