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Tape welded assemblies

Tape welded assemblies

Tape welding is ideal for applications where bi-metallic rivets would be too small to produce and insert effectively. It's also useful for welding high-value metals such as gold, as the amount of precious material can be precisely controlled. Our automatic tape welding machines can process contacts with complex surface dimensions and we can produce bi-metallic and tri-metallic tape welded assemblies as required.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective alternative to producing bi-metallic rivets
  • Consistent weld quality and precise control of precious metals
  • Bi-metallic and tri-metallic tape welded assemblies available

Further Information

Tape welded assemblies are used extensively within the automotive industry, because the weld quality is consistent and the process enables environmentally-friendly materials to be used. (Materials such as AgSnO cannot be welded directly onto carrier strip using the wire welding process.)

Tape welding offers manufacturers maximum choice in terms of contact sizes and volumes and minimises the use of precious metals.

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Tape welded assemblies