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Auto-riveted assemblies

Auto-riveted assemblies

To cater for customers who continue to use traditional riveting methods, P&B has designed and built its own automatic rivet insertion machinery. Capable of high volume production with insertion speeds of up to 600 parts per minute, our machines ensure optimum contact between rivet and carrier strip to avoid heat and resistance issues.

Key Features

  • In-house automatic rivet insertion machinery
  • Insertion speed of up to 600 parts per minute
  • Optimum contact between rivet and carrier strip

Further Information

Auto riveting is especially suitable for materials that are not easy to weld, such as copper, AgSnO, AgCdO, and BeCu. The process is ideal for attaching a contact to a very thin or heat-conductive carrier material, where the base material would be susceptible to property changes if direct welding were used – i.e. thermostat springs, relay parts, micro switch moving contacts etc. A solid rivet can be used to create a double-headed contact, if required.

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Auto-riveted assemblies