History of P&B

Bringing world-class electromechanical component manufacturing to Southeast Asia.

P&B is one of Europe's largest and most successful manufacturers of materials and components for the electrical industry.

Last year, we shipped more than 510 million parts out of the UK to customers worldwide. The preferred manufacturing partner of more than 200 companies, P&B works with leading brands such as Honeywell, Schneider, ABB, Eaton, Rockwell Automation, and Legrand.

As part of our drive to be the best manufacturer and supplier of contact assemblies in the world, we have now expanded our operation into Southeast Asia.


Our superb modern 3,400sq m manufacturing facility in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, offers an extensive range of advanced technologies, including wire welding, tape welding, auto riveting and insert moulding.

Whatever kind of components or materials you require, you’ll find we have the skills, experience and resources to produce top quality items for you at highly competitive prices.

After all, we’ve been manufacturing electromechanical components to extremely high standards for over half a century, so you can be confident that we’ll provide you with the best-cost solution for your business.

P&B Metals - Electromechanical Component Manufacturing


Thanks to our investment in high-performance technology and training, we can offer you a comprehensive range of manufacturing services, saving you valuable time, money and resources. If you require technical support, our experienced engineers and technicians are on hand to provide expert advice.

Component quality is carefully monitored throughout production to ensure consistency, and, as you’d expect, we are fully certified to ISO 9001 standards.